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Iso Whey Zero


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  • True Strength gets you lean & fit
  • High protein 20 g to support lean muscle growth and maintenance.
  • Low fat 1.0 g
  • 98 Calories

You work hard at looking good because it makes you feel good. The new Opti-Lean range by Optimum Nutrition is here to help. Opti-Lean Whey powder helps to support lean muscle growth & maintenance with added ingredients; CLA, L-carnitine & green tea.

It is a protein powder designed specifically for those seeking to gain and/or maintain lean muscle mass, with added ingredients L-carnitine, CLA and green tea extract.

Can be taken before, during or after training  to support lean muscle growth and/or maintenance, throughout the day to help achieve daily protein intake.

To help meet individual protein requirements/day, where food is not a viable solution.


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250 g

1 review for Iso Whey Zero

  1. Thanks to social media accounts, we live in a time where the fitness industry, especially CrossFit.

    • This is a great online store. Their product line up is extensive, and very competitive in pricing, with very generous data quotas.

      • Thanks!

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